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Getting started

Starting is easy. We just ask you to stick with it for a few days to feel the effect.

Install and run

First things, first. Please go ahead and install Glamorous Toolkit. We'll wait.

Here is what just happened. You downloaded a self contained installation made of a Glamorous Toolkit image, a virtual machine, and a few other resources and libraries. The contents of the folder should look like this:

Now, run the image with the virtual machine and you are good to go.


Ok, so back to your installation. It should now be running and look like this:

Now what? Start by reading the Glamorous Toolkit Book that is shipped right in the environment.

Pharo hello world

Open a Playground and type:

'Hello world'

Now press this button, and you should see this:

That's it. You executed a piece of code and you are now inspecting the resulting object. Did you expect to rather print the result on some console? That's possible, but we do it very rarely because inspectors are much more interesting. Programming with Glamorous Toolkit is about working with a live system. So, really, dive into the environment and let us know what you think.