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Working with Git and GitHub

Before being able to work with GitHub, you first need to setup the credentials for GitHub.

| credentials store |
credentials := IceSshCredentials new
  host:  #'*';
  username: 'git';
  publicKey: 'PATH/TO/';
  privateKey: 'PATH/TO/id_rsa';"
  keyPassphrase: 'potential rsa passphrase';"
store := IceCredentialStore current.
store storeSshCredential: credentials forHostname: credentials host.
IceCredentialsProvider useCustomSsh: true.

Once credentials are set, we can load the actual code via a script that loads a Metacello baseline. For example, try loading:

Metacello new
  baseline: 'Faker';
  repository: 'github://feenkcom/faker/src';

This will load the baseline and the code from the repository and will make it available in the image.

Once you have a Git repository, you can further use the Git interface.