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Glamorous Toolkit is the environment for moldable development. We see the environment as a language that extends the base language with visual and interactive operators. Through this language, the various components can be combined in many ways live.

Developed by feenk

Glamorous Toolkit is developed by feenk, and was born out of a long term effort to make the inside of software systems explainable.

Why do we build this? Well, if we asked if you loved working with legacy systems, you are likely to say "No," and you might even experience a shiver. That should change. Programming is the coolest job on the planet, and it should feel like that all the time.

Moldable development is hard to convey in words. You have to experience it. We offer Glamorous Toolkit as free and open-source under the MIT license because we want you to experience it as directly as possible.

At the same time, feenk is a company. We fund ourselves through customer projects, but we work as an engineering research lab. For our customer projects we use exclusively the tools and techniques we create, and these projects also act as validation.

If you like what we build, or are interested in what we do, please do contact us. We'd love to hear from you.