Glamorous Toolkit is built by the feenk team, and was born out of a long term effort to rethink the Development eXperience.

Why do we build this? Because if we asked if you love working with legacy systems, you are likely to say "No," and you might even feel a shiver. We think that should change, and that's at the core of our mission. Programming is the coolest job on the planet, and it should feel like that all the time.

We believe that tools are essential in software engineering, yet for too long, we disregarded their importance. We set out to create a new systematic experience that is conducive to a new approach that we call moldable development.

Glamorous Toolkit is free and open-source under the MIT license. We want you to experience moldable development as directly as possible.

At the same time, feenk is a consulting company. By the way, feenk is a word we made up and comes from feel and think. That's because the way we feel is as important as the way we think. In any case, if you like what we build, step by the office.