Get started

Starting is easy. We just ask you to stick with it for a few days to feel the effect.

Install and run

Simply download Glamorous Toolkit.

The download is a self contained installation made of a Glamorous Toolkit image, a virtual machine, and a few other resources and libraries.

Now, just run the executable.

On Mac:

On Windows: .\bin\GlamorousToolkit.exe

On Linux: ./bin/GlamorousToolkit

The home tab of Glamorous Toolkit.

Take a tour

Glamorous Toolkit was developed following Moldable Development, and it offers extensive opportunities to learn about itself. Start with a tour through the built-in book to get an overview of the breadth of possibilities.

The book about Glamorous Toolkit delivered inside Glamorous Toolkit.

Learn from the GT in 7' video series

Pick a problem you care about

Pick a problem you care about. Pick a problem you care about. We cannot stress this enough.

Why? Because the essence of Moldable Development is about adapting the environment to match the context. If you do not have a deep context, you cannot evaluate what contextual tools do for you. Pick a problem you care about.

What kind of problems? There can be many.

Go beyond the technology

Glamorous Toolkit is an environment that shows how the experience of programming can be, but ultimately it's still just a piece of technology. Moldable Development is more than technology. It requires new skills. But even more important is that Moldable Development introduces a new feedback loop that has far reaching consequences, both on the technical and the business level. Use the technology, but focus on learning how to think about programming anew.

Engage with the community

Learning is more fun together with others. More productive, too.

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