Glamorous Toolkit is now beta. Read more.


You can obtain Glamorous Toolkit in three ways: downloading a ready made distribution, cloning the code explicitly, or manually downloading the artifacts.


Run and point it to the GlamorousToolkit.image file


Run ./glamoroustoolkit GlamorousToolkit.image --no-quit --interactive from the command line


Run GlamorousToolkit.exe

Clone the latest code and install in one step

This method downloads the VM and clones all gtoolkit repositories. It takes about 20 minutes and it is useful for developing Glamorous Toolkit itself.

On Mac:

curl | bash

On Linux:

curl | bash

On Windows:

wget -OutFile windows.ps1; ./windows.ps1

Manually download the image, libraries and VM

  1. Get the latest VM specific to your system Win Mac Linux

  2. Get the latest image release of GlamorousToolkit and the libriaries zip files specific to your system. For example, on Windows it would be and

  3. Unpack all 3 zip files (VM, image files and library files) in the same folder and run . The screenshot below shows a Windows instalation with all dlls, image, and VM files in the same folder.

  4. Execute the following 2 commands in your favorite terminal:

    .\GlamorousToolkitConsole.exe .\GlamorousToolkit.image eval --save "ThreadedFFIMigration enableThreadedFFI."
    .\GlamorousToolkitConsole.exe .\GlamorousToolkit.image eval --save "GtWorld openWithShutdownListener. 30 seconds wait. BlHost pickHost universe snapshot: true andQuit: true."
  5. Launch Glamorous Toolkit:

    On Windows:


    On Mac:

    ./ GlamorousToolkit.image --no-quit --interactive

    On Linux:

    ./glamoroustoolkit GlamorousToolkit.image --no-quit --interactive